Composite shingle roofs come in a variety of colors and styles and suit just about any home look.


  • Higher quality versions are made of asphalt or fiberglass (some even available with recycled content including post industrial plastics and hemp fibers)
  • Longer lasting than traditional shingles at 30-50 years (some manufacturers provide lifetime guarantee)
  • Special Additives may provide algae and moss growth resistant and UV degradation and coloring to replicate cedar shakes
  • Does not crack, split, blister, peel or warp
  • Sturdy – they can be walked on with out being damaged
  • Class A Fire Protection (most brands)
  • Variety of colors, brands and styles
  • They adapt well to many different home styles and looks and may mimic many traditional colors and styles


Color may fade due to weathering, but only one shade lighter over a full life span


The most affordable roofing material and installation.

Low Cost Composition Option:

If there are less than three layers of composition shingle on the roof, we may be able to install the new composition shingle on top of the existing roof. We can only determine this after careful inspection of the existing roof. Three layers is the maximum capacity and load that can be on top of the roof and still comply with city and state codes and regulation.

Mid-Cost Composition Option:

If there are too many rood layers (more than three) or the roof surface is damaged and old, we may recommend to demo and tear off the existing roof layers all the way to the rood sheeting and then install a new composition shingle roof system.

Highest-Cost Composition Option:

In some California homes, there are still pre-existing wood shake or wood shingle roofs that were installed many years ago. In order to correct, renovate and bring the roof up to code, we demo and remove all layers of roof material including wood shake and wood shingle and then install new sheeting with ½ plywood followed by a new composition shingle roof installation.

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