4 Reasons Not To Skip Gutter Installation On Your Roof


When it comes to roofing, a lot of emphasis and thought process goes into the structure design, insulation, and the actual installation of the roofing material, e.g. shingles, metal sheeting, tiles, etc. However, there is another critical part of the roof that deserves just as much consideration even though it only takes up a small portion of the entire roof. And that is gutters. If you’re planning to roof (or re-roof) your home here are some very important reasons why you should never leave the gutters behind.


Your local building code may demand it

For one, your local government or state may have rules governing the use of gutters. Some jurisdictions are very clear on this and demand that gutters must be installed on any roofed structure. Such regulations are put in place to protect against storm water runoff, damage and flooding. So check with your local building regulator to see what the laws say about installing gutters. Your contractor or architect can also advise you on this in light of acquiring the needed permits.



No gutters could mean a lower resale value

You may not intend to sell your property now. However, years down the line there may come a time when you decide to sell due to a given number of reasons. When that time comes, you want your property to fetch you the best rates in the market. But having no gutters on your roof could lower your house’ resale value, albeit marginally. Prospective buyers notice such details and can use them to haggle you down the selling price.



Roof gutters provide roof drainage and roof water damage protection

As you well know, roof gutters serve a very important function. They provide drainage of rainwater from the roof surface and then transfer that water to the storm drain system. This helps prevent flooding within the compound. The same also serves a huge role in keeping the roof dry and safe from water-related damage such as mold, algae, moss, rot, and leaking. So having a proper gutter system on your roof does keep your roof healthier and for longer, thereby saving you money in terms of roof repair and maintenance.



Without gutters there can be no rainwater catchment

If you are acutely conscious about the environment and the appreciating need for water conservation, you might be considering tapping into rainwater. And there’s no better domestic rainwater catchment system other than gutters. Rainwater collected through gutters is free, is clean, and can be used for a myriad of uses such as cleaning, farming, gardening, and more. If you do not install gutters you cannot enjoy any of these and you’ll instead have to rely 100% on council water all for your needs.


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