5 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Or Installing Your Roof


Your roof is a very significant part of your home. Not only does a roof serve a critical role in terms of protection and shelter, it’s also one of the largest domestic installations in terms of square area alone. This makes choosing and/or installing a roof a very serious affair. Unfortunately, lots of homeowners overlook various critical factors at this stage. Check them out below and see what you should do/not do next time.



1.    Not considering the architectural style of your home

Your home most likely has a certain architectural style. Most homes do. It could be a traditional, craftsman, colonial, modern, Mediterranean style, etc. Some homes even feature more than one or two styles. It is important to understand the particular style of your home and to choose a roofing style that matches it. Each roofing material provides a different look/ style. Research first to avoid installing a roof that is at odds with the look you were going for. This ensures architectural continuity. For example, if going for a colonial or Spanish or Mediterranean style you may go with clay tiles. For a more modern look, a metal or shingle roof will be more suiting.



2.    Not considering the structural weight of your roof

Roofing materials weigh differently. Metal roofs and composite shingle roofs are light but tile roofs are heavier. So before installing a roof, especially after taking down old roofing, have your existing structure inspected to ensure that it can support the new roofing material you’ve selected. This applies even more for older houses. Failure to do so and your new beautiful roof may start to croak under the added weight.



3.    Not considering the maintenance needs of your roof

Every roof needs to be maintained. Maintenance here refers to various processes such as cleaning the roof, fixing leaks, inspecting the flashing, repairing worn out areas, etc. So before choosing/installing your roof, ask yourself - will you be able to walk around your roof easily, will you be able to replace damaged areas easily? How about fire hazards? Shingle roofs and flat roofs are easier to walk over. Tile roofs not so much. However, tile roofs and metal roofs are more fire resistant. Newer composite shingle roofs are also fire resistant. In regards to cleaning, metal roofs are the easiest, followed by flat roofs and then the rest.



4.    Not considering rain water collection capabilities

If you plan to harvest rain water then consider your choice of a roofing material wisely. Consider the ability to clean the roof, the purity of the water, as well as reducing water loss via absorption. Metal roofs are easiest to keep clean and most (especially the coated types) do not absorb any water. Tile roofs do absorb some water while old shingle roofs may release loose asphalt granules into the gutters. Consider all these factors and consult a roofer before making your choice.



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