5 Reason To Upgrade Your Old Roof

Roof upgrade Most homeowners don't think about replacing their roof until they notice leaks, drafts, or other major damage. The truth is, there are plenty of great reasons to upgrade your roof before it becomes an emergency.


Here are five popular reasons for having a new roof installed on your Pasadena, CA home:


1) Raise your home’s value.

A roof replacement is a sure-fire way to increase both your home’s real estate value and its curb appeal. If you’re preparing to sell your home or simply doing some remodeling work, a replacement roof will modernize your home’s style while outfitting it with the latest in roofing technology.


2) Take advantage of new roofing technology.

Shingles may look simple, but at Top Roofing Inc., we install new shingles built using cutting-edge energy-saving technology. Energy Star rated shingles absorb less heat from the sun and lower your home’s cooling bills. That can make a big difference during the hot Pasadena, CA summers! Taking advantage of new roofing technology is one of the most popular reasons for a new roof.


3) Replace an old or worn-out roof.

A standard asphalt roof only lasts between 15 and 20 years. Once it gets old, you’ll start noticing leaks, drafts, and other problems. Problems caused by storm damage, sun exposure, and mold growth can shorten a roof’s lifespan even further.


Here are a few top reasons for a new roof:

  • Moss, mildew, or mold growing on shingles.
  • “Bald spots” where shingles are gone or the rood deck is exposed.
  • Granules building up in gutters.
  • Sagging or dipping roofline.
  • Leaks.

Unfortunately, these issues will not go away on their own and will worsen over time, leading to major problems like leaks and rotting framing. Don’t let the damage spread to other parts of your home – call our Pasadena, CA roofing experts today!


4) Repair weather damaged roofing.

Storms are the villains of the roofing world. High winds can easily tear away roofing shingles, leaving behind bald spots on the roof that need to be professionally repaired to prevent leaks. Severe storms can also knock down heavy tree branches or entire trees onto the roof, severely damaging the roof and shingles. Based on the level of damage, you may need a roof replacement instead of simple roofing repairs. In either case, our expert roofers will inspect the damage and let you know the best solution at a competitive price!

5) Finish a major remodeling project.

Roof replacements are a popular remodeling project for Pasadena, CA homeowners. Especially since people love to spice up their old roofs with features like skylights and dormers. You may not have realized that upgrading your new roof can completely transform and improve the atmosphere inside your house!


A roof that was properly installed and well-maintained can last up to 20 years, but there are many reasons for a new roof before then. When it comes time for a roof replacement, Top Roofing Inc., is here to provide you with a long-lasting roof for a competitive price.


From installation to cleanup, our process is as professional as it is precise. That’s why we’re Pasadena’s go-to roofing company!



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