5 Steps To Get Your Roof Ready For Winter

The first snowflake of the winter is almost falling. As you rush to ascertain that you are warm for the winter, prepare your roof for the coming rains, snow, and ice. The heat of the summer and the cold of the previous winters definitely caused some damage on your roof. Seek roof repairs Los Angeles specialists to make sure that your roof is optimally functional in the winter.

But here are 5 steps to work on first.

  1. Clear the debris

When was the last time you took a look at your rooftop? Debris on the roof includes leaves, branches, displaced shingles, and dirt. The debris causes water and melting ice to settle on the roof, instead of flowing down to the gutters. The water that settles on the roof causes corrosion and rotting of the roof. A damaged roof leaks water into your home.

Clearing the debris is a DIY task but only if you are comfortable climbing onto your roof. Use a blower or a broom, not a rake, to clear the debris. If your roof has a layer of fungi, consider having it professionally cleaned. After clearing the debris, look for signs of damages and deterioration of the roof.


  1. Check the gutters

Repairing the roof before the winterGutters are an important part of the roofing system. They direct water safely away from your building. When you are up there on the roof, clean the debris in the gutters. Gutter debris causes clogging, which in turn damages both the gutter and the roof.

Also, check the gutter for leaks. Simply pour some water in the gutter, and watch the flow of the water. Note that, you should not lean the ladder against the gutters – that will only damage them.



  1. Perform an indoor visual inspection

After checking the exterior of the roof, it is time for an indoor inspection. Go to your attic and check the ceiling. Stains in the ceiling are a sign that the roof is damaged or that there are roof insulation issues. If you notice stains, the best cause of action is to call roof repairs Los Angeles providers.


  1. Check the attic insulation and ventilation

Insufficient insulation and ventilation of the attic cause energy inefficiency in your home. Improper insulation of the roof causes damage to the roof, decreasing the roof’s durability and premature failing. When you are in the attic, check the evenness of the insulation. Also, the attic vents and fans should be functioning properly. Animals such as squirrels form nests in the attics damaging the insulation and vents. Look for nests and remove them or call a wildlife preservation office near you.


  1. Call your roof inspector

The essence of performing the checks in the steps above is to determine the extent of roof deterioration. You can handle things like clearing debris. However, issues such as shingle replacement or gutter repair are best handled by roofing contractors. If you notice issues with the roofing, a roof inspector might discover more. A professional roof inspection is cheap, and most of the time free.

The roof is your home’s frontline defense against rain, snow, and ice, which are rampant in the winter. Get it ready for the winter by following the steps above. You can save yourself the trouble by skipping to the last step, which requires you to consult your roof repairs Los Angeles contractors.

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