6 Ideas on How to Make Your Roof Stand Out From the Rest


People say “Image is everything”. This remains a true fact, even about your home’s image. Your roof is the most noticeable part of your home’s exterior. It’s the first thing anyone notices as they pull up the street to your driveway. While the roof’s primal objective is protecting the house from damaging elements such as rain and the sun, it also plays a huge role in improving the home’s curb appeal. We take you through 6 ideas on how to make your roof stand out from the rest in your neighborhood.


  1. Try out different roof designs

The most common roof design known to many homeowners is the triangular peaked or pitched roof, also known as the gable roof. You could however go for a more aesthetic look by opting for hip roofs, which slopes equally on all four sides. You could also opt for a French look by going for a mansard roof, which is four sided with double slopes on each side forming a low-pitched roof. For a more modern look, flat roofs do the trick by allowing for more daring installations such as rooftop pools.


  1. Choose unique roofing materials

The roofing materials you settle for not only determine the longevity of the roof, but also the optics. Different materials work for different house designs. Asphalt shingles are a good choice for having a lasting roof. They come in different colors that can complement any roof design as well as any theme color you would like for your home. If you seek a more natural look with little maintenance needed, wood shakes are an excellent choice. Tile roofing is the most common choice for many homeowners. However, its variety in availability of different colors can play to your advantage in making the roof stand out from the rest.


  1. Architectural sunscreens

Should you be installing a roof for the first time, architectural sunscreens are a good way of giving your roof that exotic look. The sunscreens act as sun blocks, throwing light and shadows at precise angles, both during the day and in the evening, once you start using indoor lighting.


  1. Color

Humans are highly polychromatic. We notice dramatic colors twice as much as we would dull colors. While zoning could hinder the choice of color for your roofing, there are ways to play around with it, such as color blocking or using high-contrast colors. For instance, should you be restricted to grey-colored roofing, you could pick a darker hue shade that creates dramatic contrast with the painting of rest of the house.


  1. Lighting

You do not have to wait for Christmas to install roof lighting. Hardware and light fixture shops sell simple and minimalistic LED light tubes that can be installed along the fascia of the roof. Such lights can be arranged in different shapes and setting to satisfy anyone’s ideas. The low maintenance and energy efficiency of such light tubes allow for an all-year round lighting with minimum bills.


  1. Use creepers

Try accessorizing your roof with colorful creepers. Creepers are natural flowering plants that grow in a climbing manner along the length of a surface such as a wall. Vines are an excellent choice for creepers as they grow along the fascia of the roof, especially the Edwardians or Victorians variety.


The only limit to making your roof stand out from the rest is your imagination. Our experts from Los Angeles Top Roofing are ready to turn your unique roofing ideas into reality!



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