Common Roof Emergencies and TheirRepairs

As with anything else you own, your roof, too, will suffer emergency damage at one point. The damage could be self-inflicted, could be as a result of the weather, the environment, or other factors. What is clear, however, is that emergency roof damage will require emergency roof repairs. Coupled with our roof inspection expertise, Top Roofing has the right knowledge and skills to handle any type of emergency roof damage in Brentwood CA. And that includes:


Common Roof Emergencies and TheirRepairs

Leaks& moisture related damage

The roof is one big cover that is supposed to keep moisture from getting past it. If that ever happens, your roof and its underlying structure could suffer varying forms of damage. For one, leaks could cause rotting of the roofing framework, and even the ceiling. The same could cause mold which would also lead to damage of the roofing structure as well as indoor air pollution. After a careful inspection, we can identify any potential roof leaks and their causes. Often such leaks are as a result of wear and tear on the roofing materials or poor/worn flashing around skylights, chimneys, or vents.


Tree damage

Old or rotting trees can get so dilapidated that they fall. It happens all the time. Sometimes it can happen on a normal sunny day but often its strong winds and storms that finally push such trees over to their final demise. If such a tree falls and crashes on your roof, the damage could be major. And the emergency repairs will have to be carried out immediately. In such cases it goes without saying that the affected areas will have to be re-roofed. But more than that, we have to inspect the roof to ascertain which parts of the roofing framework are affected and to what degree. Those too have to be repaired before a new roof can be installed.


Fire damage

Fires are not unheard of in California. In fact, wild fires in the state cause damage to thousands of homes every year. But fire damage to your roof can also be the result of other factors such as arson, human error, or accidents. Whatever the case, we have the capacity to offer the requisite emergency repair services. As usual, a careful roof inspection service (which we offer) is carried out. The damaged sections of the roof are then carefully taken apart. The roof is then assessed again and repair plans drawn out before repairs are undertaken.


Storm damage

Although Los Angeles is not that prone to storms due to the favorable hot weather, it’s still best to stay prepared for the worst. Strong winds too can cause just as much damage, if not more. Here the damage could be in form of certain sections of the roof blown off, or in some cases entire roofs carried away. As a result, storm damage repair can be very expensive at times, especially where a total re-roof is what is needed. But we can get a new roof on your home within a short time so that your family can get back the shelter it needs.


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