Common Roofing Problems You Might Experience Around Los Angeles During Spring

Spring is symbolizes newness and freshness. During this time, most homeowners get busy with home maintenance and cleaning. However, it is easy to forget your roof, yet it is one of the most critical structures in your house. Roofing problems manifest themselves in two ways. The damage may be too noticeable while at times, you need to look carefully and closely. Unless you are a roofing expert, you can easily miss something and only realize it when it is too late. With that said, here are the common problems you should look out for around Los Angeles area.


A leaking roof is the surest way of telling that part of your roof needs repair. In the winter, frozen snow gets trapped in some areas and does not melt. Come spring, the snow starts melting causing leaks. Stains on walls and ceilings are telltale signs of leaks. If not checked early, you could be dealing with multiple repairs both outdoors and indoors.

Broken and loose gutters

A quick glance at the drains may deceive you that they are still intact. However, as soon as they start leaking, you need to seek a replacement. At the same time, if you notice that there is an accumulation of debris on the ground, you should act accordingly. Debris, contraction and expansion of ice, as well as changes in temperature, contribute towards gutter damage.

Damaged roof shingles

Wood and asphalt are the two primary materials used in making shingles. In most cases, they wear out naturally because of taking a beating from weather elements. On the contrary, you may occasionally notice that there is tear or breakage. In some cases, several shingles will be missing from the roof’s surface. Mostly, the blame is on foot traffic or wind. Age is also a contributor. Ageing shingles appear to curl and are brittle when touched.

Roof flashings – missing or damaged

Flashings protect building assemblies from water and the resultant damage. During a spring roof inspection, you should check that your flashing is intact. The chances are that the structure is loose or the installer did a shoddy job. It could also be missing hence the reason you have been experiencing leaks on the chimney walls.

Wind blow-off

Depending on their intensity, winds can blow off the entire roof or a part of it. Partially strong winds can destroy sections of your roof without your knowledge. Usually, the section that had the most exposure experiences the most significant destruction. Wind also blows away sheathing and felt. Luckily, the damage is easy to identify.

Spring is the best time for conducting roof inspections. Check for leaks as they will guide you to other parts with damage. Get on the rooftop with the help of a ladder and identify areas that need repair. If possible, have a small notebook to record what you see. After the review, call a roofing expert in Los Angeles for further assessment and corrective action. Never ignore even the slightest damage as it can grow into a significant and costly issue.

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