Does Your Roof Need A Re-Slope?

Roofs are designed with a particular slope in mind. And for the most part, most houses retain the same roof slope forever. However, in some cases there may arise a need to re-slope the roof. Have you experienced such a situation? Do you know if your roof needs to be re-sloped? Read on to learn more about this and to find out if your house is affected.

Re-slope Roof


Changing the roof’s look

Some people choose to re-slope their roofs simply as a way to improve its look. Over time, roof designs and concepts change. For example, most traditional roof designs feature a steep slope while modern designs have a moderate one. So some people who may have bought a house with an older design may choose to re-slope it in order to update the design some more. And modern designs are not spared either. Some homeowners choose to alter these as well to go for a more unique, contemporary or futuristic look.


Changing the roofing material

If you are planning to re-roof your home and would like to change your roofing material, you may need to re-slope your roof. This, however, depends on the roofing material currently on your roof and the one you would like to switch to. This is because different roofing materials may require different slopes. For example, while a metal roof may go well with a very steep slope, a tile roof needs a more gradual one. Talk with your roof installation Los Angeles contractor to find out if your roof’s slope needs to be changed.


Creating attic space

A roof’s slope determines how much attic space it can hold. The higher the slope the more space you will have in your attic. As a result, some property owners choose to increase the slope of their roofs in order to create functional attic spaces. These spaces can be used for storage, extra bedrooms, play rooms, etc. However, note that depending on the structure of your roofing frame, some properties may require additional work on the roofing framework in order to support an attic roof. Do you need more attic space in your house?


Insulation and energy needs

The roof of any house plays a huge part when it comes to insulation and energy loss. The space between the roof and the ceiling also helps to act as additional insulation in some way. Because of this, some people choose to re-slope their properties in order to create more space above their attic and thereby cool their homes, albeit marginally. Doing so also creates some distance between the hot roof above and the ceiling. This reduces heating via radiation, further keeping your indoor space cooler. Do you think re-sloping your house might help save your energy costs by keeping your house a little cooler?


As roof repair and roof installation experts in Los Angeles, Top Roofing offers re-sloping services. We can advise you on how much alterations to make, what roofing materials best fit the new slope, and more.

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