Fall Is Coming: Install Gutter Covers To Keep Your Roof Drainage Clear


The Fall season is near. And as is usually the case, you can expect a lot of rain, wind, and leaves. The leaves, especially, can be such a nuisance to your roof. If allowed to accumulate, they can clog your gutters and impede free flow of rainwater from your roof. Such scenarios tend to encourage water overflow from the gutters, growth of mold on the roof, and development of leak points on the roof and gutters. But there is a simple solution to help keep the leaves menace off your gutters this Fall – gutter covers and gutter screens.



What are gutter covers?

As the name suggests, gutter covers are protective panels installed over the open tops of the gutters. This keeps the gutters closed and prevents leaves from freely getting inside the drain channels and clogging up the system. They are not completely closed though – they leave gaps at the end that allow the rain water coming off the roof to get into the gutter channels.


The covers are made to fit different types of gutters, be it a half-pipe gutter or a K-round gutter. So no matter what type of gutter you have you can install gutter covers. They are also available in plastic and stainless steel to match any type of gutters or roofing material.



The different types of gutter covers available

There are mainly two types of gutter cover systems available. One is the gutter covers and the other is the gutter screens.


Gutter covers

Gutter covers provide a flat, smooth, curved and closed covering over the gutters. Leaves can slide right over the covers while rain water seeps into the gutters via small openings located at the edge of the covers and the gutters.


Gutter screens

These are flat and contain lots of perforations or straight horizontal slits. The slits and perforations allow rain water to drain through while the rest of the screen acts as a trap for leaves and debris.


Installation & maintenance

It is advisable that you contract your roof contractor or gutter technician to install your gutter screens or gutter covers. The best time to get this done is when you’re carrying out gutter installation, gutter repairs or gutter maintenance. The covers and screens have to be measured, ordered, some have to be cut to size, and then they have to be attached properly in a way that they won’t fall off or get blown away by wind.


Advantages of installing gutter covers & gutter screens

  1. With gutter covers you won’t need to get on your roof and brush leaves out of your gutters. They’ll just slide over the covers and onto the ground.
  2. Your gutters won’t get clogged with leaves anymore. Your roof water will drain fast and efficiently by itself.
  3. Less risk of mold and algae on your roof due to improved drainage.
  4. Less risk of leaks on your roof and gutters.
  5. Cheaper maintenance over the years due to reduced costs of periodic gutter cleaning.


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