Green Roofing: The Best Environmentally-Friendly Roofing Options In The Market

Going green is a hot topic in most areas of life and living. From the detergents we use to the way we plant our crops, going green takes center stage. And now, the going green conversation has come into how we build our homes and especially the roofing. There are various technologies out there that offer a home-owner the option of having a green roof or environmentally friendly roof. There are various advantages of green roofing some of which are;

  • - Sustainable drainage; Water stored in plants that make up part of green roofing options allow drainage to happen slowly, reducing flooding risks.
  • - Increased life-span of the roof; since the roof is covered by vegetation, it does not have to deal directly with the elements, thus increasing its life-span.
  • - Better thermal performance; an ordinary roof loses lots of heat during winter and absorbs too much heat in the summer. A green roof is able to better regulate temperatures through the seasons.

There are various environmentally-friendly roofing options on the market. Here are some of the most popular;

  • White roof or ‘cool roof’

As the name implies, a white roof is a roof that is white-colored or has light-colored paint on it. A white roof reflects most of the sun’s rays keeping the interior of the house cool in the summer. A cool roof during the day leads to reduced energy costs since you will not need to use AC during the day.

  • Standing seam metal roofs

These types of eco-friendly roofs are 100% recyclable, reflect light and are long-lasting. Metal roofs have a life-span of 50 years, are fire-resistant and are great if you would like to harvest rainwater.

  • Clay roofs

Clay roofing tiles have been in use for centuries now. The tiles have a century-long lifespan and are all natural. Their signature red color also complements your house very well. The cooling properties of clay aid in keeping energy bills low during the hotter months.

  • Recycled shingle roofs

Recycled shingle roofs are made from recycled material such as rubber, plastic and wood fiber. The recycling of these materials uses less energy to produce the shingles as well as reclaiming what would be waste. This is a great way to reduce pollution, making it a fantastic green roofing option.

  • Rubber roofs

Reinforced rubber shingles are manufactured from old tires which have steel belts. They are coated with ground shingles to give it a more natural look. This kind of roof has a life-span of 50 years and is resistant to harsh weather conditions.

  • Green roofs

A green roof is also known as a living roof. It is basically a roof covered with living material or plants. A green roof is heavier than most roofs because of the extra material but it offers the best in terms of green roofing. It offers great insulation, boosts thermal performance and reduces energy bills

The number of green roofing options out there is growing as more sustainable roofing ideas are discovered daily. These are just but a few of the top picks that are available to you. Contact us with any question.



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