Believe it or not, there’re a lot of roofing mistakes that may appear on the way. They accompany all procedures, from the roof installation to the inspection. And yes, you should definitely avoid them if you want to have an efficient and functional roof over your property.

Do you know the most unfortunate fact? People, who do everything connected to the roof by themselves, often make enormous mistakes. Unfortunately, a bad roofing contractor may do them and endanger the whole performance of the roof, too. Oh, no! Don’t get me wrong, though. Luckily, there’re a lot of them on the market that don’t let these mistakes happen.

That’s why, here we’ll look into the most common ones and help you choose the right roofers. So, let’s see what the mistakes are, first. Shall we?

Wrong slope

One of the most important things about your roof is the slope. It controls the water that enters your house. And the less it is, the better, right? So, another mistake to run away from is the improper slope.

To do that, the company installing the roof should make sure that the slope matches the materials. Wood, tile or asphalt shingles don’t go with the same number of slope units. Yet a lot of people seem to neglect that. Don’t be one of them.

Wrong slope

These little things can cause you a lot of troubles in case you don’t pay close attention to them. As they hold the whole roof together, it’s vital that you handle them the right way. What do I mean by this?

Firstly, you or the professionals you hire should install them correctly, by putting a basic section along the eaves, before doing anything else. That way you’ll stop the water from ruining everything. Speaking of this, nailing is as crucial. Really?

To stop the water from entering the construction, the nails should go straight through the deck, so that they can seal the shingles and decking tightly. Many roofers nail the shingles too loosely, giving space to leaks, which is a reason more to find some that won’t. Check your area for companies with vast experience in this.

Wrong slope

If you want your roof to last longer without damaging the inside of the property, then you should let the attic vent. This is absolutely essential, my friends.

You may wonder why. It’s quite understandable, don’t you think? While placing the shingles on the roof, you or the expert shouldn’t forget to let the air out from the attic or the ceiling. It’s as simple as that. Because all the air will eventually create a sanctuary for the moisture and mold if kept trapped for a longer time. Ugh!

What’s even worse, the moisture will eat away the shingles and reduce their durability and strength, which is something you definitely don’t want.

Do you agree? Have you made these mistakes or heard about them? Have any more to add? We’d like to hear it all.