Preventing Home Damage During The Winter

Roof inspector for winterWater damage at home due to the winter is among the top reasons why Americans file home insurance claims. A smart homeowner should prepare his/her home for winter instead of waiting to file claims. Most of the issues caused by winter on a property can be prevented.

Most home damages during the winter are caused by faulty roofing systems. And as you know, winter is indeed coming. You should, therefore, bring in a roof inspection Los Angeles provider before then.

The following are some tips to prevent home damage during the winter.

  1. Clear debris from the roof

Debris causes snow, ice, and water to sit on the roof longer than necessary. The water causes corrosion, rotting, and growth of fungi on the roof, all which cause deterioration of the roof. You should clear the debris before the winter. Go up the roof and remove branches, leaves, pine needles and any other debris using a blower and broom.

After clearing the debris check the roof for signs of damages.


  1. Clean the gutters




The gutter system of the roof collects the water and directs it away from the building. Gutters collect leaves and dirt from the roof, which accumulate to cause a blockage. The buildup of this debris causes water to sit in the gutter creating ice dams during the winter.

Have your roof cleaned. After, check for leaks by forcing water down the gutters. Leaking gutters pour water near the base of the building. Such water may find its way into the foundation and cause cracks.

  1. Check the roof insulation

Improper roof insulation will damage the roof during the winter. The warm air inside the attic causes the melting of snow. Before the melted ice reaches the gutter, it refreezes. The process repeats to form an ice dam. Check that the insulation is even in all areas of the roof.

Also, check the ventilation of the attic. The air inside the attic should only be 5 to 10 degrees higher than the air outside.

  1. Schedule a roof inspection with a roof inspection Los Angeles contractor

The roof is your first line of defense against the snow. For that reason, you should have it inspected and repaired before the winter begins. Ignoring a few small issues might save you some money in the short term but will surely cost you a fortune in the long term. Annual roof inspections are cheap considering the cost of major roof repairs.

  1. Clear snow build-up around the foundation

Even with good roofing and impeccable gutters, snow will still fall near the foundation of your home. After it melts, the water will seep into the soil and find its way into the foundation. You should regularly remove snow around your house during the winter.


  1. Remove snow from the walls

It is important to remove snow from the exterior walls of your home. The freezing and unfreezing of the snow causes uneven expansion and contraction of the walls. The consequence is cracking of the walls. Loose painting traps snow. Therefore, you should sand down any loose painting before the winter begins.

Need a roof inspection Los Angeles contractor?

The cost of repairing damage caused by winter is far much higher than the cost of preventative measures. The roof is the main victim of water damage during the winter. Lucky for you we provide affordable roof inspection Los Angeles services. Call us for more information.



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