Problems To Look Out For When Having A Metal Roof Installed


Metal roofs are a great addition to any home. They look good, they are quite durable, they are easy to clean, and they can collect rainwater easily, among many other advantages. If you’re having a metal roof installed, there are a couple of issues that you should look out for in order to enjoy an aesthetic and functional installation. This list is by no means exhaustive but it does cover quite a few important areas. Check them out below.


Overlapping metal sheets towards the windy side

When being laid out, metal sheets have to be overlapped one over the other. If the wind usually blows towards one of the sides of the house, it is important that the sheets are laid out in such a way that the wind doesn’t blow right into the overlaps. The overlaps should head along the direction of the wind, not against it. This ensures that the winds do not tear off the sheets when they blow.



Nailing the sheets without a rubber washer or gasket

Metal roofing screws need to have a washer and a gasket in place when being tapped into the roofing sheets. The gaskets act as water barriers while the washers hold the gaskets and metal sheets in place. If a screw is tapped in without a washer or gasket then the metal sheet may come loose or leak at that particular spot. As such, faulty screws without a gasket should never be used.



Metal sheets not being laid parallel to each other

For a neat professional look, the metal sheets should be laid parallel to each other, from end to end. When this is not done to precision, the sheets will get crooked and they’ll not look uniform. This should be avoided by squaring off the sheets when overlapping them together, by fastening each sheet on both ends to keep it from sliding out of the joint, and by taking time to ensure that the first sheet is aligned well. If the first sheet is not properly aligned then the rest of the sheets will be crooked too.



Drilling/tapping holes and then pulling screws out

Make sure that the roofer does not tap any hole into the roof and then remove the screw in order to tap a correction hole at another point. Before the metal sheets can be drilled into and fasted onto the roof, the roofer should be certain that the alignment is correct. That’s because once the sheet has been drilled into there’s no going back. If this is not observed then some gaping holes will be left on your roof and these will leak when it rains. And even a slow leak can wreak havoc on your ceiling and roofing timber, causing you repairs that amount to thousands of dollars.


There are many other problems that can arise if your metal roof is not installed correctly. To avoid such issues, always work with a licensed and experienced roofer. We are roof installation Los Angeles experts and we can make sure that you never have worry about the above mentioned issues when your roof is installed.

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