We offer realtors roof inspections for their buyers and sellers.

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Top Roofing Inc. has been servicing realtors and their clients in Los Angeles County for more than a decade. Our services provide a level of confidence that is unmatched when it comes to buying or selling a home. We determine the health and integrity of the roof and check for the following:

  • Inspector will go up onto the roof (potential customer/realtor are always invited to join up if roof allows) to measure all roof surfaces and take photos
  • Inspector will determining the type of material, amount of roofing layers and age of the roof
  • Condition of flashing around roof transitions, chimneys, HVAC units, vents, and valleys will be determined
  • If repairs or replacement of the roof is necessary – various cost options will provided
  • Inspector will explain conditions which could cause a roof leak in the future
  • Ridge caps and all custom details will be inspected
  • Rain gutters and downspouts will be checked
  • Energy smart and efficient roof products will be recommended

After spending the necessary time of visual inspection the inspector will get back to the office and send the roof inspection description with photos via e-mail to all needed parties (We guarantee roof inspection within less than 24 hours, and if needed same day service is available)
Please contact us to get more details on our ROOF INSPECTION. You can contact us either via e-mail or by phone with any questions you may have.

Roof Inspection Pricing:

Standard Residential


Roof Inspection


Tile, Steep and Unique Roof(s) are subject to price approval.

* For commercial properties, call for pricing

* Prices subject to change based on specific circumstances




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