Roof Repair Or Roof Replacement?


As you may already know, it is crucial that every property owner takes great care of their roof. Not only does the roof cover the most square area in the entire house, it plays a primary role in safeguarding the entire house against threats such as wind, external temperature, burglaries, pests, and more. And sometimes as you go about looking to maintain your house you’re going to be faced with two main decisions as far as your roof is concerned – to repair or to replace?


To answer that question you need to ask yourself even more questions. And these are:



Does the roof require lots of repairs?

A roof can be a money pit. You could be throwing money in and yet your roof still needs work every other season. This can be the case for a roof that was poorly constructed or one that has been neglected over the years. If your roof just needs little repairs to get it back in shape then by all means repair it. However, if your roof has been getting lots of repairs lately, and it still needs more, then you should seriously consider a re-roof. A barrage of repairs is a signal that your roof needs to go. And economically it makes sense to replace such a roof instead of paying for more repairs.



How much time is left till the roof’s warranty expires?

Every roof has a manufacturer lifespan. Some roofs are rated to last for 25 years, others 30 years and others even 50. It depends on what type of roof you have. And on top of that it matters what your environment is in and how well the roof has been maintained. If you’re comparing whether to repair or replace, you must consider the lifespan of the roof. If the end of the lifespan is near then it’s better to replace the old roof altogether. After all, why pay for hefty repairs just to replace your roof in a year or two?



Is the roof’s technology outdated?

Some roofs have old technology and are outdated compared to newer brands or models. For example, wood tiles are not comparable to clay tiles. And traditional shingles are not comparable to modern composite shingles. The newer models last longer and work better. If you’re dealing with an outdated roof, you will get better longevity and enjoy less maintenance if you replace it with a modern roof option.



Are you looking to sell the property?

The roof is a big factor when selling a house. A new roof not only adds to the value of the property, it also considerably adds to the attraction of the listing. Simply put, you’ll get more interested buyers and fetch better value on the property. So if you’re dealing with a property that’s going up for sale, and you’re torn between repairing or replacing, go for the latter.


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