Roofing Skylights: Benefits, Costs, Installation Process And More!


Roofing skylights are quickly growing from optional decorative roofing alternatives to must-have features in homes. If you are planning on getting a new roof and are considering skylights, this piece is just for you. Los Angeles Top Roofing breaks down the benefits, costs, installation and more about roofing skylights.


What are the benefits?

  • Energy efficiency

Roofing skylights offer natural lighting to your home, thereby eliminating the need for electric lighting during the day. As a result, users generally notice a marginal reduction in energy costs and consumption.


  • Saves you money

Roofing skylights contribute to saving money in two ways. First, the use of natural lighting during the day generally cuts down reliance on electricity, thus reducing the electric bill at the end of the month. Secondly, venting skylights allow for free flow of air into your home, which minimizes reliance on fans and HVAC systems during summer.


  • Privacy

As houses keep being built close to one another, the need for providing natural lighting keeps rising. Roofing skylights are a perfect alternative to conventional windows in rooms that command privacy, such as the washrooms.


  • Better ambience

The natural lighting brought about by roof skylights is an envy of many for one main reason – a great ambience. There’s a stark difference between natural light and artificial (electric light). Natural light is warmer, soothing, has rich golden hues, and is healthy for your skin (vitamin D).


What are the costs of installing a roofing skylight?

The cost of installing a roofing skylight depends on a number of factors:

  1. Fixed, tubular or vented?

Fixed and tubular skylights are slightly cheaper than vented skylights while fixed and tubular skylights cost roughly the same. However, the pricing for these types of skylights is greatly influenced by the rest of the factors.


  1. Manual or electric?

As you’d expect, manual skylights are cheaper than electric skylights. That’s because they cost less to manufacture as well as to install. Electric units not only need to be fastened in position, they also need to be connected to the electrical circuitry.


  1. Small or big panes?

The bigger your skylights are the more they‘ll cost to install. Larger units are more dangerous and delicate to handle so any contractor will charge you more due to the increased risk during installation.


  1. Ceiling or no ceiling?

Installing skylights in rooms with a ceiling costs more. This is because a hole has to be cut through the ceiling in order to let light from the skylight flow through to the room under the ceiling.


What is the installation process?

  • First we inspect your roof and talk with you to understand what your lighting needs are.
  • We then advise you on how many skylights you need and where.
  • After this we present you with a quote for the roofing service with the skylights included.
  • On installation day we lay your new roofing and measure the spaces where the skylights will be mounted.
  • These spaces are framed and sealed according to code in order to make them waterproof and airtight.
  • The skylight units are then mounted in place and fastened using the provided manufacturer screws.


Los Angeles Top Roofing offers professional roofing and skylight services including installation and maintenance. We don’t offer skylight installation as a standalone service but as part of our general roofing or reroofing services. Thinking of getting some skylights with your new roof? We can definitely help.

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