We’ll show you all the options and make recommendations that will fit your budget and your property. Want to switch from shingle to tile? Not a problem. Have a steep roof? We’ve got that covered.

The Process:

  • We come to your home or business and take clear and concise measurements of your roof along with digital photos. We do believe a photo is worth a thousand words!
  • We’ll talk to you about your needs and your budget (a new roof is an investment).

Keep in mind that every roof is different, there is not one generic price – we’ll create an estimate based on the information collected and provide you with as many options as we can that will make sense for your individual job. We won’t quote a price at the front door – it’s not fair to you and it’s not fair to us.

All of this with no pressure, and no harassing sales calls. We also perform roof inspections for new home buyers and realtors.

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