Long Lasting and Durable

Tile roofs are a long lasting durable and elegant choice for homes with a Southwestern, Italian, Spanish Mission, Mediterranean and modern look


  • Long lasting (50 years plus – many manufacturers provide lifetime guarantee)
  • No rotting
  • Flame resistant
  • Insect proof
  • Minimal maintenance. Variety of colors, styles and brands.
  • Weight – extra roof support may be needed
  • Color may fade with new materials (some are only colored on the surface)
  • Fragile – when walking on them they can break – making home maintenance more tricky (gutters, roofs, painting, etc.)
  • Installation may be more complicated than other materials


- More costly than other materials due to the higher cost of material and labor


- There are many styles and shapes of tile roofing – all which have an impact on the cost of labor and installation.


- Flat Tile and Interlocking tile systems have a less costly installation with regards to tile – due to their technical specs and the fact the they rarely require cement inlay.

- Spanish style tile (with cement inlays) takes longer to install due to the increased labor; consequently, Spanish tile is more costly.

- The steps for installation include: Placement of underlayment Battens Flashings for valleys, chimneys, solar panels, skylights (as needed) Cutting tiles along the roof hips and valleys.

Remove and Restore:

- The nice thing about tile, is that it can be removed and restored over time if a section gets damaged.

- The tile is removed and we replace the underlayment felt paper and repair wood damage. We then install the same tile back with no need for new tile — in order to restore and guarantee.

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