What To Look For In A Los Angeles Roof Installation Contractor

If you are planning to build your very own home or a commercial development, you need a good roof installation Los Angeles contractor by your side. The same also applies for anyone looking to re-roof their property. As you can imagine, there are tons of roofers in LA and all across the country. However, how do you tell that a roofing contractor is credible and the right one for your job? There are lots of things you should be looking out for. But the most important ones include:


Are they licensed to operate within the state?

A credible roofer needs to have a license. This is mandatory. And any legitimate contractor should feel free to show or give you their license number. In Los Angeles you should be looking for a California state license. This license shows that the contractor is legally allowed to do that type of work within the state. A contractor without a license is an indication that they are either not qualified or that they have had their license revoked for some reason. If unsure about a contractor’s license you can simply crosscheck it with the state department.


Are you happy with the type of work they have done in the area?

The proof, as they say, is in the pudding. Have a look at the various roofing jobs the contractor has undertaken and see if they are to your liking. As you do all this, remember to only focus on the contractor’s recent work, nothing more than a year old. Different roofers have different skills and creativity.As a result, in some cases you will come across roofing contractors that tick all the right boxes apart from not being experienced on the particular type of design you want to bring to life. But ideally you want a contractor that is able to provide you with your particular design needs; and that should be clear from their past work.


What do their past clients have to say?

Skills and experience may paint a picture of a great roofer. However, were their clients satisfied?Did they get what they wanted in regards to costing, delivery time, contractor-client relationship, communication, professionalism, and other areas? Find all that out by checking the contractor’s customer testimonials online on sites such as Google, Yelp, BBB, and others.  Also feel free to ask for several references of past clients. You can ring these clients and check if they loved the work they had done for them.


Are they insured and bonded?

Another huge area to look into is insurance and bond. These two are very important. A good roofing contractor should have sufficient insurance to cover the costs of any potential damage to property or persons during the undertaking of their work. And they should have a bond in placeto cover the costs of completing the project should anything happen to them (e.g. illness).

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