Why Your Roof Needs To Be Inspected At The Beginning Of Each Year


It’s yet another new year and we here at LA Top Roofing are happy to continue providing our roof installation Los Angeles services as we have in the last 25 years. One of the things we emphasize at the beginning of the year is the importance of having your roof inspected. The beginning of the year is the perfect time to get this done and we’ll tell you exactly why below. Read on.


Annual maintenance

Your roof needs to be maintained every year. Such scheduled maintenance is a preventive measure aimed at identifying roof damage and fixing it before the damage spreads and costs you more down the line. It is common knowledge that damage such as roof leaks can cause massive rot and mold issues and even necessitate a complete re-roof job if allowed to develop over years. We encourage annual maintenance inspections and we offer these at great rates. And what better time to get this done other than at the beginning of the year?


Mitigating winter damage

Another great reason why you should have your roof inspected at the beginning of the year is because of possible winter damage. Winter months can cause serious damage to your roof due to moisture. The rainwater, snow, and sleet can rot your metal roof, clog your gutters or even rot your roofing frames if there are leaks that went unfixed. With such risks being a possibility, having your roof checked at this time is important in order to give your roof a new bill of health. Or, so as to fix any moisture damage to the roof and the framing structure before the damage spreads and develops into an even bigger disaster.


Availability of funds

Lots of people put off roof inspections because they don’t want to spend extra money, even though roof inspections are quite affordable. For this reason, scheduling such inspections at the start of the year is great because at this time many people have not yet budgeted for their money and can therefore allocate some funds to the process. Otherwise, if you wait until later on in the year, you might find that you have already committed all your money to various needs.


Better planning opportunities

Having a contractor such as LA Top Roofing inspect your roof at the beginning of the year is also prudent because it’s a great time to plan what you want to do to your roof later on in the year. Thinking of adding some skylights for more natural light in 2019? Want to re-roof your house? Need to replace the gutters or change the flashing around the chimney? No problem. The roof inspection team can assess all these for you and advise you on how to get it done professionally.


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